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Seth G,
New York

Sherri E,
New Jersey

"I’ve been an independent financial professional for many years working for different financial marketing organizations & earning a decent income. I was constantly having to find new ways to get in front of qualified candidates. I bought telemarketer leads, used direct mail leads, and tried every which way to fill my appointment calendar weekly. A few years back David Bezar and I met and I was impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of marketing and the financial industry. He put me on a path that did something I never expected - a booked calendar week in and week out with qualified candidates that want to talk to me. All of these steps in the Quantum Leap System, if followed, will lead to not only amazing revenue numbers and a feeling of professional accomplishment, but also personal satisfaction knowing you were able to have an impact on your clients' life.

It’s out there! Success in the industry qualified leads, and a system that if followed works if you work it! Thank you, QLS for leading me on a path of confidence and success in my financial career!"

Jordan C,

"As a financial professional in the industry on the bank channel for over 15 years, my clients always came via warm referrals from our banking partners. Five years ago, I made a change to an independent advisor and found that clients were much more difficult to cultivate. This when I met David Bezar. David helped me with digital marketing, showed me the importance of social media and how to attract qualified prospects. He taught me how to effectively use seminars as a way to meet the right people as well.

Since adopting the strategies taught to me byQLS, my sales and revenue have increased dramatically and I am on pace this year to surpass $10 million in annuity sales and attract over $6 million in assets under management. There is no doubt that without David's help, I would not be in the same position I am in today. "

Brian D,

"I can say from first-hand experience that they have perfected their whole sales system now. From their marketing to their sales approach and techniques, it all just flows together. As long as you follow the system, things will fall into place. I couldn’t be happier with my results for doing so!"